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Saturday 24 September 2022, PM

Best TV 2022: The best TVs to buy

Purchasing a TV is a big decision as whatever you decide on will be your TV for years to come, and while no TV is perfect, there's certainly a TV out there that's perfect for you. For great HDR performance, consult our best 4K HDR sets for the cutting edge of TV performance then have a look at best 8K TVs, while and the best OLED TVs for those who want cinema-like picture quality in their living rooms. - link
Thursday 22 September 2022, PM

AudioUK calls on Ofcom to reverse 50% reduction in BBC Radio 4 drama – RadioToday

In its submission to Ofcom's consultation on its new draft BBC Operating Licence, AudioUK has documented the fall in hours of some key programme genres on Radio 4, noting that by April 2023 Radio 4's output of drama will have fallen by 50 since Ofcom took over regulation of the BBC from the former BBC Trust. The last BBC Trust Operating Licence for Radio 4 set the requirement for 600 hours of drama to be broadcast for 2016-17, but the subsequent removal of quotas has caused this to fall significantly, with the result that the BBC's last Annual Plan committed to just 300 hours of drama on Radio 4 for 2022-23. - link
Wednesday 21 September 2022, PM

The media mourns a monarch

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 this week we said farewell to the funeral the combination of days of coverage across the British Media that was both moving and magnificent the new culture secretary called the BBC's efforts phenomenal and spot on and it is not usually known for thei…

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Tuesday 20 September 2022, AM

Ministers to review Channel 4 privatisation and scrapping of BBC licence fee

Donelan told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that she would take a fresh look at the benefits and costs of privatising Channel 4 - which the broadcaster and others have argued would hurt the many small production companies it works with. Earlier, Donelan praised the BBC's coverage of the Queen's funeral and acknowledged that streaming services could not provide that kind of live broadcast. - link

IBC2022: Quality collaboration and incredible innovation for Media, Broadcast and Tech world

Meanwhile the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme's proof of concept demonstrations on the Innovation Stage was home to cutting-edge sessions on 5G, Cloud, next-generation audio and newsrooms of the future. All content sessions at this year's IBC will be made available online after the show, and many are already available in video format on IBC2022 Video. - link
Wednesday 14 September 2022, PM

The death of the Queen

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 Today thousands of people gathered London to watch Queen Elizabeth's final journey from Buckingham Palace the queen's coffin travelled in a ceremonial procession to Westminster Hall Where's Your Lying state for 4 full da…

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Saturday 10 September 2022, PM

What is the future of linear TV?

Linear channels will continue to exist in years to come but will increasingly be delivered by streaming platforms, a Future of Linear IBC Conference session concluded yesterday. The panel noted that linear TV continues to offer audiences shared experiences in real-time, pointing out that millions of viewers around the world tuned into TV news channels on Tuesday for information about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. However, Moderator Marion Ranchet, Founder Managing Director of The Local Act Consultancy, cited recent Omdia research which showed that linear TV viewing time decreased in all markets in 2021, while streaming grew in all markets. - link
Wednesday 07 September 2022, PM

Microsoft v The Regulator

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 today maybe the biggest Media deal of the Year Microsoft is looking to buy one of the world's leading games producers for 60 billion, but UK regulators have questions about that detailed story in a minute. Also as news o…

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Saturday 03 September 2022, AM

BBC presenters: What's behind the large number leaving? - BBC News

While GB News has attracted and retained some top talent, such as Eamonn Holmes, former BBC presenters Andrew Neil and Simon McCoy did not stay for long. In 2018, the BBC forced Mayo to share his hugely popular Drivetime show with Jo Whiley, to get a female presenter on the Radio 2 daytime schedule. - link
Wednesday 31 August 2022, PM

Podcasting the News

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello and welcome week, we're going to talk about a high-profile woman who's been making lots of headlines in the last few days and he's cancel the 30-minute broadcast not Liz truss pulling out of a Nick Robinson intervi…

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Friday 26 August 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts about not easily try hopefully in the near future the cavalry or I'll be asking the BBC China correspondent Stephen mcdonell, if it is to know what is really going on in such a vast country when you're under continual surveillance and feedback we have exclusive inter…

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Thursday 25 August 2022, AM

Emily Maitlis says 'active Tory party agent' shaping BBC news output

Last year he was appointed to the BBC's board by Boris Johnson's government and has since influenced a series of ongoing reviews of the broadcaster's editorial output. Maitlis, who left the BBC earlier this year to make a podcast for commercial broadcaster LBC, made the comments while delivering the MacTaggart memorial lecture at the Edinburgh international television festival. - link
Wednesday 24 August 2022, PM

Reporting from Ukraine - six months on

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 Today Ukrainian should be celebrating 31 years of independence from Soviet rule instead. There's a Grimmer anniversary. It's exactly 6 months since the start of this War I want to look back at the journalism over those months. What was the report tau…

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Saturday 20 August 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, I'll screams and Airwaves were full of horrifying scenes of the chaos of the airport in Afghanistan where people were fleeing for their lives, but what's been going on since then? It is good that the BBC is reporting and holding the government to account on it slow …

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Friday 19 August 2022, PM

Sky broke rules over telling customers TV contracts were up, watchdog rules

Sky has been breaking consumer protection rules by not informing pay-TV customers that their contracts are due to expire so they can shop around for cheaper deals, according to a ruling by telecoms regulator Ofcom. Ofcom estimates that between February 2020, when the new ECN rules were implemented, and the end of last year 3.5 million Sky TV customers were not told they could look around to save money on their TV packages. - link
Friday 19 August 2022, AM

BBC iPlayer records strongest Q2 ever

The Glastonbury music festival saw 36 million streams up to the end of June, and 39.4 million to date, reaching a total of 20.6 million people across both the TV broadcast of the event and iPlayer. The Wimbledon tennis tournament generated 18 million streams during June, 53.8 million streams across the whole tournament, and a total reach of 25.5 million people watching on BBC TV. Soap opera EastEnders continues to dominate as the best performing continuing series - with 83 million streams between April and June. - link
Wednesday 17 August 2022, PM

Have soaps run their course?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 in March this year the BBC One of its biggest soaps Holby City and do not resuscitate order after 23 years in July Channel 5 decided we no longer needed good neighbours and the sun went down on Ramsey Street after 37 years because your mind back to C…

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Small-scale DAB radio returns to Glasgow with new Like Multiplex – RadioToday

The new small-scale DAB multiplex for Glasgow has been launched carrying an initial 18 services, with more to follow in the coming weeks. The multiplex is now operating under the Like DAB name. - link
Wednesday 17 August 2022, AM

Younger viewers shun traditional TV channels as 90% opt for streaming services

Watching traditional TV channels has almost stopped among younger viewers, with 90 of 18- to 24-year-olds heading straight to their favourite streaming service, according to a report by the media regulator Ofcom. Viewers aged between 16 and 24 spend just 53 minutes a day on average watching traditional broadcast TV - a fall of two-thirds over the last decade - seven times less than those aged 65 and over. - link
Friday 12 August 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts events be accepted as accurate as written by one of the participants in this case David Cameron's former director of communications. I was genuinely shocked at this blatantly propagandist ending to this drama. I think this is believed to be I'll be putting that charg…

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Friday 12 August 2022, AM

IBC to present BBC with International Honour for Excellence

BBC to be honoured at IBC awards, with the show's Special Award going to Sonya Chakarova, Daniella Weigner and Phillip Covell, who brought together more than 400 broadcast and media companies and individuals to provide resources, solutions and hardware to Ukrainian TV channels and media outlets. To mark its centenary, IBC is presenting the BBC with its International Honour for Excellence during this year's show. - link
Wednesday 10 August 2022, PM

Covering strikes: Whatever happened to the Industrial Correspondents?

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 today as postal worker from the latest group to call a strike how well does the media Cover Industrial dispute with railway workers and train drivers once again taking to the picket lines over the coming weeks? What's changed since the days when ever…

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Friday 05 August 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, you might think that being a BBC weather forecast that is a relatively uncontroversial choice fashion, you would be wrong take the claim that the UK Experience the highest ever temperature a few weeks ago highest temperature ever. It was always like this in th…

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Thursday 04 August 2022, AM

RAJAR Q2/2022 – Matt Deegan Writes

With both Radio Today and Adam Bowie taking a Summer break, you're stuck with my analysis Yes, it's RAJAR day - the UK radio ratings are out. The key change seems to have been the recovery and consolidation of Bauer's Hits Radio network - this includes Hits Radio, the old Bauer ILRs, the ones they acquired and Gem. - link
Wednesday 03 August 2022, PM

It's... another true crime show!

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts and this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 crime and true Crime has always been big business in films and books when cereal exploded onto the scene almost 8 years ago it launched a whole new the true Crime podcast and who could predict just how big it would become n…

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Wednesday 03 August 2022, AM

How Generation Z became obsessed with subtitles

A 2021 survey by the captioning charity Stagetext found that in the 18-25 age group, four out of five use subtitles all or part of the time, despite having fewer hearing problems than older generations. Which does nothing if not constantly monitor its dwindling membership's whims, has also revolutionised its captioning on English-language shows with a so-called English Timed Text Style Guide for its in-house productions. - link
Monday 01 August 2022, PM

TBI Tech Analysis: Digging into the UK s record linear declines

While the conversation about the future of content consumption rumbles along, TBI continues its dig into Omdia's annual Cross-Platform Viewing Time Report to cut through the noise and uncover exactly what viewer habits around the world are telling us right now. Linear TV viewing was the prime driver of this decline with viewing down by 16 minutes, the largest fall in live TV for the UK on record. - link
Friday 29 July 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts can anyone calm the culture Wars and create a space where the different sides can stop and actually listen to each other that's what I done flemings new Radio 4 Series antisocial is trying to do some listeners fear for its present Adam you are braver man than me taki…

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Wednesday 27 July 2022, PM

Into the Metaverse

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 hello 2 years ago the rapper Travis Scott made history when he performed this concert inside the videogame for Mercedes it was a glimpse of a future Revolution and how we may socialise and be entertain and today the worl…

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Tuesday 26 July 2022, AM

FreeSports and its phantom TV platforms

Publicity for FreeSports even claims BT TV and TalkTalk TV viewers can still see the service on channel 64. As for FreeSports being on BT and TalkTalk channel 64 - that was a hangover from when the channel was originally on that number. - link
Friday 22 July 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, what would the Tory leadership race Ukraine and the cost of living crisis? There's no short major stories for BBC News to lead on?…

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Wednesday 20 July 2022, PM

Inside the Tory TV showdowns

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 and Liz truss roof the final round of the Conservative Party leadership contest penny Mordaunt is out and conservative party members will pick the new prime minister and their decisions may be influenced by what they did I did…

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Friday 15 July 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts for the BBC political drama convulsing the Conservatives is exciting as a cup final which is called into extra time and then into a penalty shootout but some of them enjoying it. Just a little too much. I did detecting unsuppress clear the Today Show presenters as th…

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Channel 4's statement on Tower Block of Commons

Channel 4 takes any allegations of misrepresentation extremely seriously and always rigorously investigates any such claims. Channel 4 then reviewed Love Productions' findings and undertook its own internal document searches and review. - link
Friday 15 July 2022, AM

BBC annual report: 1bn savings in five years; headcounts and trust drop

The BBC says it has saved more than 1bn over the past five years, according to its latest annual report. The report points to a drop in trust in and appreciation of the BBC in the past year on multiple indicators. - link

R-Book - a publication covering the installation of digital television receiving systems - with the last update (R-Book

Satellite signals are affected by moisture in the air in there is negligible degradation of the C/N or MER The signal levels are not high enough to cause the receiver to overload The MER is high enough to ensure a high level of 22 R BOOK Downlink frequencies Why IF frequencies are used the range of frequencies that the signals are moved to The spectrum from 10,700 MHz to 12,750 MHz can be Signals at the frequencies transmitted by the satellite is 950 MHz to 2,150 MHz, which is known as the satellite filled with multiplexes, as illustrated in Figure 17. Communal systems As far as any satellite receiver is concerned, a multiswitch Cable colour Signals While an Octo LNB might appear to make a simple and behaves in the same way as an LNB. Yellow Horizontal High Band inexpensive way of getting satellite signals to up to four flats, with two cables per flat, most systems are also IRS, because it has four cables from a satellite dish and a Green Horizontal Low Band required to carry terrestrial TV signals, and often FM and further one carrying terrestrial signals DAB radio. - link

BBC sets out plans for TV news channel merger in 2023 - BBC News

In May, the corporation announced that as well as merging its two news channels, it would stop airing CBBC and BBC Four as traditional broadcast channels. The new news channel will be broadcast globally, with advert-free access for licence fee payers in the UK, who will also be shown more international coverage. - link
Thursday 14 July 2022, PM

BBC News and BBC World presenters among 70 staff facing sack

Presenters on the BBC News channel and BBC World are set to be sacked as part of a raft of 70 job cuts in the UK in a plan to create a single more digitally focused rolling news service. The BBC's annual report lists names including Clive Myrie, Reeta Chakrabarti, Victoria Derbyshire, Ben Brown and Joanna Gosling - who combined are paid more than 1m for work across the BBC - as presenters on the BBC News channel. - link
Wednesday 13 July 2022, PM

The Race for the Tory Crown

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 as in choosing the next conservative leader, how do you cover an election campaign that most of the public doesn't have a saying and what my all of this mean for Channel 4 plant privatisation next week's Media which would have included details of the…

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Monday 11 July 2022, PM

Channel 4 privatisation plan could be dropped by next prime minister

Channel 4's privatisation could be dropped by the next prime minister, with plans to sell the channel unlikely to be published before September. The change in party leader does not necessarily mean the privatisation plan is entirely dead. Removing the sale of Channel 4 from the rest of the media bill, much of which has been widely welcomed by the British television industry, could prove tricky. - link
Friday 08 July 2022, PM


BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I'm sure Emily maitlis. Would have loved to have been on the air this week covering the extraordinary drama and instead choose Tony historian and is define her reporting skills on someone who died half a century ago is tentacles with phenomenal. You know he re…

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Friday 08 July 2022, AM

TBI Tech Analysis: What Channel 4 s rising ad revenue spells for privatisation potential

In addition to the flagship channel, Channel 4 Corporation owns free-to-air channels E4, More4, Film4, and 4seven the All 4 video-on-demand service and The Box Plus Network, a group of pay-TV music channels. In 2020-a year when advertising sales were decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic-Channel 4 reported an operating surplus of 736m on revenue of 934m. Omdia's Advertising Intelligence service forecasts that Channel 4 advertising revenue will continue to grow over the next five years, slightly outperforming the market. - link

Arqiva: 'Spectrum commitment needed'

Laurie Patten, Director of Strategy and Regulation at UK broadcast communications infrastructure provider Arqiva, has called in the government to guarantee the future of terrestrial TV and radio services in the UK to 2040 and beyond. A TikToking clock heading towards regeneration - or not - link

Analyst: Channel 4 privatisation 'likely to be pushed back' following Johnson's ousting

Gill Hind, director of TV at Enders Analysis, has told TVBEurope she expects the government's plan to sell off Channel 4 to move to the backburner following Boris Johnson's resignation as UK prime minister. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is expected to publish its detailed plans for Channel 4's privatisation next week. - link
Wednesday 06 July 2022, PM

How Boris Johnson lost the press

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 please a perilous moments for Johnson witnessing a stream of resignations from his government and it is of course a political story, but it's a story about the media to we're witnessing how the media politics and power i…

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Wednesday 29 June 2022, PM

The Return of 'Q'

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 you and if that doesn't mean anything to you. Don't worry you'll be hearing a lot more in the programme about one of the world's most notorious conspiracy theories will also looking at why Bristol's mayor is facing a boycott of his press and what it …

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Wednesday 29 June 2022, AM

Relicensing of the Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences

The report gives our opinion on the ability of the Channel 3 and Channel 5 licensees to contribute to the fulfilment of the purposes of public service broadcasting, at a commercially sustainable cost, over the next ten-year licence period. Channel 3 and Channel 5 are an important part of the PSB system, alongside the BBC, Channel 4 and S4C. Each of the public service broadcasters plays a unique role in ensuring that the system has something for everyone, so that together they can meet the needs and interests of as many different audiences as possible. - link
Wednesday 22 June 2022, PM

Another Warning for the BBC

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, this is the media show from BBC Radio 4 the media regulator Ofcom released a review of how the BBC operates there's an awful lot in it and I've gone focused on three areas how the BBC deals with complaints Howard approaches impartiality who decides which servi…

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Wednesday 22 June 2022, AM

BBC must transform the way it serves audiences, Ofcom warns

The BBC must be much more open and clear with audiences about how it handles their complaints, responds to concerns and meets viewers' and listeners' needs, Ofcom warns today. BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, the BBC website and other online services have become increasingly important for reaching audiences. - link
Monday 20 June 2022, PM

Channel 4 subtitles outage breached licence, Ofcom rules

Channel 4 breached the conditions of its broadcast licence by failing to provide enough subtitled programming to some viewers in autumn 2021 after a sonic boom destroyed equipment used to broadcast its programmes, the media watchdog has found. An investigation by the media regulator Ofcom concluded that Channel 4, which is under threat of privatisation, breached its licence conditions when a fire alarm caused the sonic boom to damage computer servers. - link
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