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About us/ Keep up to date with improved UK Free trendsSome more on-going site upgrades: toady the Trends (or "read this") pages have had a long-overdue overhaul. They now have pictures and better icons. Also, the menu bar has the word "menu".
About us/ Podcast transcriptions, better Read Me, toxic Perspective and Twitter fixes
About us/ ITV network - regional clean up
About us/ Privacy policy
About us/ Updates for 700MHz Freeview retunes, fixed all channels, new icons, radio fixes
About us/ Making UK Free TV look better and load quicker
About us/ Making UK Free TV look better and load quicker
About us/ Lots of ways UK Free TV is little bit better today
About us/ UK Free TV site improvements
About us/ New secure server for UK Free TV
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Links/ Best TV 2022: The best TVs to buyPurchasing a TV is a big decision as whatever you decide on will be your TV for years to come, and while no TV is perfect, there's certainly a TV out there that's perfect for you. For great HDR performance, consult our best 4K HDR sets for the cutting edge of TV performance then have a look at best 8K TVs, while and the best OLED TVs for those who want cinema-like picture quality in their living rooms. -
Links/ AudioUK calls on Ofcom to reverse 50% reduction in BBC Radio 4 drama – RadioToday
Podcasts/ The media mourns a monarch
Links/ Ministers to review Channel 4 privatisation and scrapping of BBC licence fee
Links/ IBC2022: Quality collaboration and incredible innovation for Media, Broadcast and Tech world
Links/ What is the future of linear TV?
Links/ What is the future of linear TV?
Podcasts/ Microsoft v The Regulator
Links/ BBC presenters: What's behind the large number leaving? - BBC News
Podcasts/ Podcasting the News
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About us/ ITV and BBC regional TV maps - now with colour (again)I have reintroduced the colourful "all regions" overview maps for the BBC and ITV television services, and also split the transmitter, BBC and ITV regions into separate pages.