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Freeview reception at BS49 4PW

For reliable and stable Freeview reception, you need an unobstructed path between the TV aerial on your roof and the digital TV transmitter. The map below shows the transmitters predicted to provide a signal at this location.

You can click on any transmitter symbol to show the coverage area as a green overlay on the map. Double click on a transmitter symbol to go to the transmitter information page.

You can also view the ten closest potential '4G-at-800' mobile phone masts within 1.5km of the selected location - these masts may be used for 4G-at-800 mobile broadband services from 2013-2015.

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There are 0 mobile phone masts within 1.5km of BS494PW (page shows closest 10)

What do the map symbols mean?

 EE,  Multiple operators,  O2,  3,  Vodafone,  location on line-of-sight,  Selected location,  Freeview transmitter,  Freeview light transmitter,  Engineering/fault today.

These icons show the potential locations for 4G-at-700MHz services that may interfere with Freeview reception at some point from 2020 when the 5G 700MHz services start.

For actual mobile phone reception prediction (at 800-960MHz and 1710-2170MHz) see these phone operator's mapping sites: Three O2 T-Mobile EE Virgin

Predicted Freeview channel list

E4 (Wales)Wenvoe COM4
1BBC One (SD)Wenvoe WalesPSB1
2BBC TwoWenvoe WalesPSB1
5Channel 5Wenvoe WalesPSB2
6ITV 2Wenvoe WalesPSB2
8Made in CardiffWenvoe LCF
9BBC FourWenvoe WalesPSB1
10ITV3Wenvoe WalesPSB2
11Sky ArtsWenvoe COM5
12QuestWenvoe COM6
14Film4Wenvoe WalesPSB2
15Channel 4 +1Wenvoe WalesPSB2
17ReallyWenvoe COM5
18More4Wenvoe WalesPSB2
19DaveWenvoe COM5
20DramaWenvoe COM4
215USAWenvoe COM4
23BBC ThreeWenvoe WalesPSB1
25WWenvoe COM6
26ITV4Wenvoe WalesPSB2
27YesterdayWenvoe COM6
29ITV2 +1Wenvoe COM4
30E4 +1Wenvoe WalesPSB2
31E4 ExtraWenvoe COM5
325STARWenvoe COM4
335ActionWenvoe COM4
34GREAT! moviesWenvoe COM6
35ITV1 +1Wenvoe WalesPSB2
36pickWenvoe COM5
39DMAXWenvoe COM6
40Quest RedWenvoe COM5
41LegendWenvoe COM4
43Food NetworkWenvoe COM5
44HGTVWenvoe COM6
46Channel 5 +1Wenvoe COM4
47Film4 +1Wenvoe COM5
48ChallengeWenvoe COM5
494sevenWenvoe COM5
565SELECTWenvoe PSB3
57Smithsonian ChannelWenvoe COM5
58ITVBe +1Wenvoe COM4
59ITV3 +1Wenvoe COM4
60Drama +1Wenvoe COM5
64BlazeWenvoe COM4
67CBS RealityWenvoe COM4
70Quest +1Wenvoe COM5
71Quest Red +1Wenvoe COM6
73HobbyMakerWenvoe COM6
74Dave ja vuWenvoe COM4
75Yesterday +1Wenvoe COM5
78TCCWenvoe COM4
81Blaze +1Wenvoe COM4
82Talking Pictures TVWenvoe COM6
83Together TVWenvoe COM5
84PBS AmericaWenvoe COM6
88Classic HitsWenvoe COM6
89ITV4 +1Wenvoe COM4
101BBC One HDWenvoe PSB3
102BBC Two HDWenvoe PSB3
103UTV HDWenvoe PSB3
103STV HDWenvoe PSB3
103ITV 1 HDWenvoe PSB3
104Channel 4 HDWenvoe PSB3
105Channel 5 HDWenvoe PSB3
106BBC Four HDWenvoe PSB3
108BBC Scotland HDWenvoe PSB3
109BBC Three HDWenvoe PSB3
110Channel 4 HD (Wales)Wenvoe PSB3
201CBBCWenvoe WalesPSB1
202CBeebiesWenvoe WalesPSB1
203CITVWenvoe COM4
204CBBC HDWenvoe PSB3
205CBeebies HDWenvoe PSB3
208Pop PlayerWenvoe COM4
209Ketchup TVWenvoe COM4
210Ketchup TooWenvoe COM4
211YAAAS!Wenvoe COM4
231BBC NewsWenvoe WalesPSB1
232BBC ParliamentWenvoe WalesPSB1
233Sky NewsWenvoe COM5
235Al Jazeera EngWenvoe COM6
250BBC Red ButtonWenvoe WalesPSB1


Advanced options

Show good and blocked paths from BS49 4PW for aerial height of ...

10m20m (Angel of the North)25m30m40m56m (Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield)62m (Monument)90m (Royal Liver Building, Liverpool)107m (Meridian Quay Tower, Swansea)115m (Bridgewater Place, Leeds)127m (Glasgow Tower)143m (Guy's Hospital)158m (Blackpool Tower)170m (Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth)180m (The Gherkin/BT Tower) 193m (Tower 42)235m (Canary Wharf)310m (The Shard)(default view)

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

1:04 AM


Hi, sorry I didn't spot your previous posts until now.
First lets deal with these aerial elements. The "squashed X" profile tends to be aerials with higher gain for the number of elements.
Vertical or Horizontal - If the squashed part of the X is horizontal, in other words it's wider than it is high, that's horizontal.

You said your rods are vertical - did you mean that?
Are the surrounding aerials at the same sort of height as you?
The fact that you are high up means you are generally likely to have a good line-of-sight, may have a stronger signal than those lower down (but not absolutely always) and the signal is less likely to have too may fluctuations.

Those strength, quality and BER figures you've posted are very good, BUT I'm staggered they are as good as that if your aerial rods really are vertical, they should be horizontal for Winter Hill. If the polarisaton is incorrect that could explain the variation in severe weather. (On a side note, the strength figures aren't necessarily definitive, different sets may give slightly different figures, but what it indicates is there is adequate signal, the fact that the Quality is 100% and the BER (Bit Error Rate) is zero shows the signal is excellent).

As far as the UHF channel data on the Winter Hill page, I'm afraid the site owner has not updated it all correctly with all the 700MHz clearance changes (there are many other transmitter pages similarly incorrect I'm afraid, but in a lot of cases there are fairly recent posts listing the correct information). The channel numbers I quoted in my previous post are the correct ones and if you hover your mouse over those numbers (which have the C in front of them) it tells you the frequency for the channel. Also where a channel number is shown with a + or - , the frequency is offset by 167kHz - and a lot of sets round the figure so you might see eg. 585.8 instead of 585.833 BUT IF a channel had an offset + or - the hover doesn't show the offset frequency!! Hope that hasn't got too technical for you, if you want me to explain it more clearly if you haven't followed that, let me know.

Another aside, there's another "local" multiplex for Manchester, the G-MAN/GI multiplex (you may have spotted on the Freeview Channel Listings page) that's on C27. The Coverage Checker doesn't predict any coverage of that one for you - but, you never know, the checkers aren't always right!

So if you can come back on those points, we should know what's needed next!

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Chris.SE's 3,347 posts GB
8:04 AM

Apologies Chris, no idea why I said Vertical, they're single bar horizontal elements (I must have re-read my post 10 times before I hit send and never spotted that one)! The houses around us are at similar heights and their 'x' elements are wider than taller, so horizontal too, and yes we have a clear uninterrupted view in the Winter Hill direction (although the mast itself isn't visible from any view point I can access, but I guess at that distance it's to be expected).
The G-MAN/GI multiplex on C27 does indeed appear, with signal strength 38%, quality 100%, error 0% (that's with this morning's fairly good weather).
Your frequency explanation made excellent sense, thank you, and I've re-checked my results against your values, and apart from the rounding up my set does, they're all in agreement. Interestingly, my TV has a 'Signal History' menu which 'displays the Channel numbers that were saved when the signal strength was weak'. I've manually re-scanned some of these but haven't found any increase on the 90%'s I was seeing before.
I hope I've answered your points without 'flipping' the information this time! I can't help but wonder why the fitter would use this aerial when from his vantage point he would see at least 7 other aerials (that's just the other side of the road, viewable from my lounge) that have more elements, and in some cases the 'x' type as well. His cabling along the front of the house is very neat, suggesting he takes pride in the finished appearance of his work, so why choose what would seem to be a 'marginal' aerial? (rant over).
Thanks again for your invaluable assistance and apologies for the red herring!

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Tracey's 6 posts GB
Tracey's: mapT's Freeview map terrainT's terrain plot wavesT's frequency data wifiT's R&TI Service businessT's digitaluk trade radioT's DAB coverage
Thursday, 5 November 2020

5:07 AM


Quote > His cabling along the front of the house is very neat, suggesting he takes pride in the finished appearance of his work, so why choose what would seem to be a 'marginal' aerial? (rant over).

Penny pinching cheapskate?? :O Seriously, it depends on who did the job, was it a professional installer, or an amateur one where the person who did it may not have appreciated the differences in aerial gains.
It's a shame you haven't got any strength and quality figures (I'm assuming) from the past when reception was poor.

Two things I did mean to mention, first was that there are now no offsets on any of Winter Hills UHF channels, when the final 700MHz clearance took place in August, the channel moves were to the exact frequencies.
2nd, it's possible that "some" of your poor reception in the past may have been due to "Tropospheric Ducting" which sometimes occurs with High Pressure weather conditions resulting in interference from distant transmitters in Europe or the UK as signals travel further. See Effect of tropospheric ducting on Freeview | RTIS for a simplistic explanation. There is unfortunately some predicted to be around over the next few days which "might" affect reception.

As far as problems when it rains heavily, if you know someone who can go up and look at your aerial to make sure water is not getting into the connections and cable, that would be a good idea, but I would want to see what happened to the Strength and Quality figures in the bad weather before venturing up there if it's a bit awkward (ie. need a proper roof ladder etc.). That said, as I mentioned in a previous post, if you have receipts if it was a professional installer, you could try a gentle moan at him and suggest he should come to check the installation as reception degrades significantly in heavy rain which it shouldn't.

The figures you've given are very respectable and probably about right for the transmission mode & power of the respective channels relative to one another (The main 6 muxes are the same power, COM7 is lower power, as are the Local muxes which are also beamed in specific directions).

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Chris.SE's 3,347 posts GB
6:57 AM

Thanks again Chris. I'll question the previous owner a little more on their choice of installer and see if they have any paperwork to hand. No, unfortunately I don't have any strength and quality figures from the past when reception was poor, the relevant TV menus hadn't been found at that stage. Interesting read on the tropospheric ducting (an interesting looking website in general - I shall read further). As you suggest, I need to wait now for the weather to re-produce the problem and gather more data then. This being Glossop, that shouldn't be far away. I'll report back when I have further information. Thank you for the help, it's been most interesting working through this with your aid.

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Tracey's 6 posts GB
Tracey's: mapT's Freeview map terrainT's terrain plot wavesT's frequency data wifiT's R&TI Service businessT's digitaluk trade radioT's DAB coverage

7:28 AM


No problem, look forward to hearing how it goes.

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Chris.SE's 3,347 posts GB
Saturday, 5 December 2020
Jeff Kinghorn
11:57 AM

We are at RG9 5NB.
Why can't I get ITV3+1 (or any other COM4) channels from Hannington?
Some of these channels are out of date (eg Hannington CH 40 is CBS justice not Sony Movies Action)

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Jeff Kinghorn's 1 post GB
Sunday, 6 December 2020

12:33 AM

Jeff Kinghorn:

According to the Freeview Detailed Coverage Checker, you should have no problems receiving ALL main multiplexes at your location, including the Local multiplex on C34.

Check that your aerial looks intact and is pointing the correct way, at a bearing of 213 degrees (between SSW and SW) with the rods (or squashed Xs) horizontal. Check your downlead looks undamaged and is secure.

There are some relay transmitters nearby, which although vertically polarised, you might still inadvertently tune to if signals are strong enough when signals from Hannington are low/missing due to maintenance or adverse weather conditions. It's best to ensure automatic retuning is turned off as it's generally more trouble than it's worth. If a retune is needed you are usually advised by an on-screen pop-up and can initiate it manually.
So check you are tuned to the correct UHF channels for Hannington which are -
In the multiplex order PSBs1-3, COMs4-7, Local - they are C45, C42, C39, C40, C43, C46, C55, C34(C32 depending on location).

If you are tuned to the correct UHF channels and still have a problem then check all your wall plates, coax plugs, connections, flyleads etc, unplug connectors check for corrosion or other problems and reconnect them. Flyleads are a common problem, try swapping/changing them. See what signal strengths and quality you are getting for the multiplexes (groups of channels) shown in your TV's tuning section.
Problematic connections, breaks, water ingress etc. can seem to affect reception of just an individual or several multiplexes.

As far as an up-to-date listing of which channels are on which multiplex and their LCNs, the site owner has not had time to update after many recent Freeview changes. Generally, Freeview have a current list at Channel listings for Industry Professionals | Freeview but they haven't updated for the following changes
Updates and alerts | Freeview
Updates and alerts | Freeview
Change to come Updates and alerts | Freeview

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Chris.SE's 3,347 posts GB

12:44 AM

Jeff Kinghorn:

Sorry, forgot to add, ITV3+1 only broadcasts limited hours as it shares the space with another channel (CITV IIRC).
Currently I believe they are on air 2100 -0400.

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Chris.SE's 3,347 posts GB
Saturday, 20 February 2021
Alan Wilson
6:14 PM

BlackHill transmitter in Glasgow has gone dead.

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Alan Wilson's 2 posts GB
Alan's: mapA's Freeview map terrainA's terrain plot wavesA's frequency data wifiA's R&TI Service businessA's digitaluk trade radioA's DAB coverage

7:17 PM

Alan Wilson: Black Hill serves close to a million homes and you're the only one reporting a problem. That makes it far more likely to be something at your end rather than the transmitter having suddenly developed a major fault. Start by checking for any loose or damaged cables or connections behind your TV and do not attempt to retune as this will just delete all of your correctly tuned channels which won't help in any way.

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StevensOnln1's 3,481 posts GB
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